BTS Releases a B-Side MV for their ‘Dynamite’ Single

“BTS dropped their new B-Side track for Dynamite and it is exactly what fans have been waiting for! The music video is fun filled with BTS members having the time of their lives! It is a sort of bloopers video with scenes showing retakes of different shots. We finally get to see Suga shooting some hoops, since in the original MV Suga sings at a basket ball court!

Its the same Dynamite MV but if feels so different with the addition of more shots than in the original video. The B-side is a behind the scenes playful and more casual BTS doing their thing and we are loving it. Dynamite has smashed several records already, given fans a mood lift and even created a TikTok #Dance_Dynamite challenge. The addition of the B-Side track makes it the perfect gift for these hard times with the pandemic. BTS did say that they wanted to drop the music to give us happiness and good times in these somehow gloomy times. I hope they know that it is working! Watch the fun video below

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