BTS J-Hope is bias wrecking fans in the Dynamite Teaser pics

“Jung Ho-Seok. Hobi. J-Hope. Hoseok. Those are the names that have been having quite a dynamite force throughout the twitter world. Within minutes of BTS Dynamite first teaser photos being released J-Hope’s look and pose seems to be driving ARMY out of their chairs! ‘HOSEOK’ shot to no #2 on the Worldwide Twitter trends with #1stDynamiteTeaser taking the first spot. This is just the first teaser photo and we still have 3 more to come, LORD!! I can only imagine! Here are some very relatable bias wrecked twitter ARMY and non ARMY being wrecked by our Hobi💜💜💜

Who can relate?

Already? Y’all are that fast!🤣


Hobi’s forehead is a weapon of ARMY destruction!

Dynamite Hoseok is taking over you. Well, okay….

It’s not pointed out clearly until you say it in ALL CAPS!!!


Dynamite Hoseok is coming for you!

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