TO BE TOGETHER by Jimin, a POEM to BTS Members

“In my case, to be together is hard. But I wanted to express that I’m thankful that we’re together. That took long for me”



To be together is very hard

To meet a stranger

To meet different people

I come to think if I make a mistake

Or what is wrong with that person

To be together is so hard

But without them

I feel empty

When I’m happy, sad

Or want to be comforted

They come to my mind

To my surprise

Those who were with me

Are with me now as ‘us’

Which I feel grateful for

We became to share small things

I hope they stay healthy

Again today, we are together

As night set in

I think that is what being together is like

Jimin read the poem to BTS while at camping in their RUN BTS Episode 56 on VLive


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