RUN BTS by Jin, a POEM to BTS Members

“We have worked so hard right? Someday we will get tired and just quit. I hope this is not that moment. I wrote it hoping for that”



We worked around the clock

RUN BTS! And BTS alike

Everything in the world gets tired

I want to hope that

This is not the moment

I wanted to go with the flow

But I realize I’m a man who lives fiercely

We have become a family

We were always happy

And achieved anything we want together

But we cannot go against nature

Looking at myself growing older

I look back on our dance

I’m so tired

Mr. Seondeuk

So many dance moves are too difficult

I trust you

Namjoon lets go for it!

Jin read the poem to BTS while at camping in their RUN BTS Episode 56 on VLive

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